First Post

My name’s irrelevant when it comes to this. I want to remain anonymous so that I can write freely. I’m 14. I am the oldest of two kids. The summer is my domain, but I love the fall too. I have untameable curly hair, and I read. Like, a lot. I’ll be blogging a lot about these books I read. I know that this is just a meaningless post that probably no one will read, but it’s good to be able to finally tell my story.
So here goes.
I am going into grade nine this September, and honestly I have four people I think I’m going to stay friends with. This will be the story of a probably very unpopular teenager. I am currently under investigation (or my kidneys are, at least) at the hospital, because they aren’t quite sure what’s wrong with me. I go once a year for check ups as of this July, and it seriously freaks me out. I’m Irish Canadian with citizenship and family in both countries. In which I live is also irrelevant. All I’m saying is that I hate the cold and love the rain. I’ll give you a hint: an Irish girl hates the rain and a Canadian girl loves the cold, stereotypically. I write about as much as I read (poetry and books) and I draw about the same amount. I an a believer in the quote: “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”
Music has saved my life, and also flipped it upside down and shaken it violently. I play flute but I’m talking about the pre-made stuff.
I know this is very basic information, but it’s more than what I’ve told about 90% of the people I know and call friends.
And so commences the story of a teenager.

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