For a few days I’ve been in Chicago, and I think I’ve found my new favourite North American city. My favourite in the world is still Dublin. But Chicago is such organized chaos that I can’t help but to find my self in love with it. Streets weave in and out from under the city, and restaurants are all over the place. The Magnificent Mile fells almost empty and not a second later is so packed you can barely walk. People pay no attention to the pedestrian lights, but drivers pay attention to the lights and the pedestrians. There’s history everywhere, even though the entire city burned to the ground, except the water tower and the building across the road from it. The people are super friendly, and the Italian is to die for. They reversed the river for Pete’s sake! Tell me that’s not a city worth the travel.

And yes, I did try deep dish pizza.

And no, I did not like it.

Picture this, a delicious thick crust, with an inch of melted cheese and just stuff in the middle, and then the sauce. Here is where I mention that I hate melted cheese. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s pizza what could be bad?

You have not shared a bed with someone who had eaten three slices of deep dish pizza. Remember, cheese is a gassy food.

And on that note, I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes”

“And in art, we became human.”

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