Okay so obviously life is full of regrets. 

My number one at the moment? My last post. I wish i could take that back. I was tired and alone and it was 3am. I’m not sorry. I’m not i’m not i’m not. Y’all probably think i’m a loser, bouncing back and forth between these two things. Well so be it. I’m not sorry for what I siad. I’m not sorry for what I did. and i’m not going to delete that post because i freaking love the first bits of it. 

I want to live a life that’s fun and intresting and I can’t do that without cutting a few people out. So I’m not sorry. I sent you my url last night and if you’re looking at it now well that sucks. You made you choices. I made mine.

Now, your brain is wired with regret for a reason. Don’t ignore that feeling. If you regret something, chances are that you need to do something about it. Like I am right now. I’m taking all that back. I meant what I said and while yeah, it was a blow up reaction, i don’t cate. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m right. 

So live with regret because you need it to fix things. I’m not looking for what you used to be to me. It’ll suck for a while but I’ll find someone else so talk to. 

To anyone and everyone who reads this post: life is full of regret. But make sure it’s for the right things.

(P.s. kinda funny how this is supposed to be a story of a teenage and i’ve already screwed up, huh?)

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