The Music Inside Us All

So this title might make what I’m going to write painfully obvious to some readers. It’s about music. The eternal question that most music lovers face, is ‘why is that song good? What makes music good?’ To that end, I have no real answer. How can I, when one cannot see inside the minds of others?

But this is what I think makes music so good to people.

I think that it’s the way that it sais exactly what needs to be said, and in the most amazing, unimaginable way humans know. And sometimes music tells you what you should have already realised. I think that people fall so in love with music, because they can relate to it.

And it’s the good music that makes you think, but at the same time dulls all the thoughts in you head, until they are only a distant thrumming behind the notes and the words. People have music inside them. Think about the mindless humming or whistling with no apparent tune or melody that you sometimes catch yourself in the act of.

And think about the way that when there is a good song, you can’t help but dance. You can feel the rhythm and the beat right inside you and then you just move. You stop caring how you look or if you look like you have no idea what you’re doing.

I like to think that we each have a song that is us. That tells our story in the most beautiful way to you. Whether it be in a bluesy song, or hard core screamo, it doesn’t matter. It’s what sounds good to you and it matters to you. It matters because it’s you story, and through the music, on the other side of that mic, someone understands. If they didn’t how could they know what it’s like to be you?

Oh, and all of you “cultured” music lovers? Shut up and let the people who like the silly, tinny pop song on the radio love it, because that’s what they like. To them, that’s what good music is. They probably think your music sounds horrible, tbh, so just shut it and let people love the music they do, because imagine what it was like if they were always slagging you for what you listen to. You’d get pretty pissed, huh?

But to you pop lovers, please explain to me why you like it. I sincerely want to understand.

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