After the Storm

Today is the last day of my summer vacation. I think that it has gone out in a very cliché metaphorical way. This morning when I woke up, everything was very dark and a few hours later, it began to storm. Now, anyone who has read a few of my million poems knows I tend to use a storm as a kind of beginning.

Tomorrow I start grade nine.

For those of you that haven’t connected the dots, what I’m hinting at is that my elementary school life has finally come to an end, and the storm came today and washed it all away.

One of the examples of my writing with storms is:

This storm will take

away my grit

and after the storm

I’ll start again.

I’m trying to start again. I want to take everything that has happened in the last few years and wash it away. I don’t I don’t want to be that same girl. I think that High school is going to be a fresh start, and I’m trying to make it so.

So here we go. 19 hours, 26 minutes, and x number of seconds left. I will be sad when it’s over.

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