1 Week Down, 41 more to go.

It’s finally Saturday. This week had been so long but so short at the same time. It feels like Tuesday was just yesterday, when really it was four days ago. I hope the rest of the school year doesn’t go by so fast. I love high school. People always say that it sucks, but I really honestly and truly do love it. I’ve met so many new people (one boy whom I may need to update you on 😉 and made so many new friends. Yeah, two of the four classes I have aren’t that great, but just being in the actual high school as a student is actually so amazing. I know that loving high school this much can’t last forever, but right now I am so in love with it.

On Monday I’m going to my friend’s house and we’re walking and going to hang out with some (male) people. I think that my goal of having an amazing, teenager-story worthy four years is starting to happen. I can’t wait.

Like, omg, I am literally fangirling over school, what is wrong with me… but like… boys.

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