Day 6&7: what makes you sad and hat makes you happy

Okay so I intentionally put these days together because otherwise I would have been up untill four am. 

So I’ll start with what makes me sad. Honestly a lot of things do. Like how the are so many people everywhere struggling to survive, an how there are also people everywhere wishibg they weren’t alive. But on a smaller scale what makes me sad is just bad days and I know that’s really general but it’s still valid. Also it makes me sad that I’ll be stuck here for at least four more tears. And to wrap it up the death of most fictional characters basically kills me.

Now what makes me happy. Again, i’ll go small scale. Good books, good art, good music, lazy days, tea, being cozy, killer outfits, fall weather, writing something really well, hand written letters, tumblr, quotes and little things like that all make me happy. Especially chocolate and someone genuinely laughing. 

So, I guess that’s it for today then!

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1 Response to Day 6&7: what makes you sad and hat makes you happy

  1. sinead1223 says:

    I know how horribly written this is and I’m sorry but it was kind of on the fly and it was faster than my computer! Chao!

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