Day 15: A song that makes you cry and why

The song that I have for this doesn’t make me cry, but whenever it’s playing, I turn it up and I close my eyes and I just listen. This song, about half way through the summer, completely changed my view on everything. I don’t know why either because it’s not a particularly positive or depressing song. It just changed a lot. Maybe it’s the lyric “And tonight I know it all has to begin, so whatever you do, don’t let go” or maybe it’s the chorus and how it’s about starting over and making everything better but just by slowing down and being present. I don’t know what it is about this song, and I don’t think I ever will, really, but it’s my song. I’ve never had a song quite like this before, but it’s mine. It shares the same views as me, after all. It’s called “Us Against the World” by Coldplay.


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