Homecoming 2

So I promised that I would tell you guys all about homecoming, and here we go.

I loved it. Picture two groups of girls and boys colliding together for an entire night, screaming every lyric to every song and dancing like idiots. The music was deliciously horrible, the decorations were tacky, and everyone was acting drunk. Exactly my scene.

I am not the type for quiet nights that are supposed to be loud and I made sure that it was loud. People change when you put them into these situations. The “cool kids” become losers and the “out casts” become invincable. I like to think of myself as a happy medium. I don’t really think I belong to one said group. I have friends in all of them. Even the high and dry newbies. That might come back to get me but right now I think it’s perfect.

I’ll probably be the loser kid that goes to every high school dance.

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