Day 69: Powerful Song Lyrics You Love

It is a well known fact that I am in love with music. It’s only my entire life.

Having said that, I also don’t have favourite lyrics, a favourite song, or, in fact, a favourite genre of music. So, if you can bear with me, i will tell you about a few of my favourite lyrics.

1. “Every king knows it to be true that every kingdom must come to an end” – Ben Howard. I love Ben Howard. Like, a lot. His music is full of beautiful lyrics that actually mean something. But what doesn’t mean something, when sung as if someone knows about what they’re singing?

2. “And these blood red eyes, don’t see soo good, but what’s worse is if they could… Would I change my ways?” – The Black Keys. And this band man oh my they are beautiful. But this particular lyric, it’s one of my favourites by them. It’s so completey true. If we all could see clearer, without any biases, would we change our lives, and the way we live? It shouldn’t, but I know that for a large majority of the population, it would.

3. “And the path to heaven lies through miles of clouded hell” – Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons is an amazing band and if your oppinion is different I don’t care. This lyric is so, so true. You’ve got to go through so much complete and utter shit to get anywhere worth going. And oh my god this band made that into a song.

There are so, so many more. Honestly there are too many. But artists that I also love are also in too high a number. Find your own music that you love. It’s much better if you just go on Youtube, search your favourite song, and go through the links after the song is over. It’ll be worth it. Trust me.

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