Day 86: What is the Difference between Living and Existing?

This is a question that I am very, very involved in, because I think that it matters. So here is my opinion on what the difference is.

Existing: You simply do as you are told, and you follow what you believe to be your predetermined path. You don’t take risks, you don’t co insane sometimes and laugh until your stomach hurts. You simply continue to breathe, without experiencing everything that can be accompanied with the amazing feeling of air in your lungs.

Living: You break rules and you burn your own trail through life. You do what you think is right, not what you’re told. You make a difference, if only in a very small way. You have a life, you do what you love, you are constantly in awe of life, and you just live. You take risks and you make bad decisions but after you laugh about it, because you had fun. That’s what living is. It’s the nights and the days and how much fun you had during all of yours. And you don’t just have a pre-set number of days to live. There ore very old people who still live. It’s about making trouble and doing everything with a twist, to make it more interesting. It’s the music and the dancing and the people and the lyrics and what they mean to you. And if you really do life well, then sometimes it’s going to suck, and you’re going to have to deal with it, but you will know you lived because when you reach those pearly gates or whatever comes after, you squeeze in sideways, laughing about what a great time it was. You make your own life, and you don’t live by anybody’s standards. You live as if you have no regrets, and in the end, you don’t, because you did everything that you wanted to do exactly how you wanted to do it. You are alive when you talk to someone that you really don’t like and you have that small half smile on your face. You’re alive when you’re screaming every lyric of every song that you know. You’re alive when you turn the music up all the way and you dance in your underwear.

You aren’t alive sitting behind your compute screen all day. You’re only existing. Please, for me, go out there and live. I swear to god it will be worth it. Go out there and fight for what you believe in. You don’t have to be some big piece in the puzzle that solves all the problems, you just have to get the message out there. You just have to be part of something bigger. There is always something much bigger than ourselves going on, and realising it and joining that is what living is. It’s being breathless and just letting go and having the time of your life. That’s the difference between living and existing.

I’m 14 and already I don’t post very much because I refuse to only exist. Please, don’t spend your precious hours absorbed in whatever is happening in the immediate area around you. Life goes by so fast. You’ve got to grab it and hold on tight, because it won’t stop for anybody, and man, it’s a wild ride.

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