Us Against the World- Coldplay

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Day 78: would you rather someone be honest with you or lie to protect you

It depends on the senario. Do I ever find out that they lied? If so, I’d rather them be right up front and honest, even if the truth hurts. But if its nothing I could change and they lie to me to protect me and I find out, I think that is quite adorable. I don’t know. It truely does depend.

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Inside the Author’s Head

Recently I was asked how i write my poems, and i had no answer beyond ‘i just do’. But I’ve been thinking about it. I am constantly writing poems. As I’m walking to school, when I’m getting dressed, all the time. It is only when a line or stanza takes such strong hold of me that I can’t let it go when I finally sit down and write it out. And then it just comes. I don’t have a formula and I don’t ever have to force a line. It just happens and I think that that is how poetry should always work. It just should. That’s when it’s good and honest.

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Day 77: what are your favourite pair of shoes

My kick ass combat boots. I absolutely love them. They’re real leather, distressed and grey, and they have brown laces. They don’t change color when they get wet because of the sealant, and you can either lace them up all the way or only half way and then fold them down. When you fold them down, there is stitched fabric on the sides. There’s a small heel, and they zip up in the back. I L-O-V-E them!

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Day 69: Powerful Song Lyrics You Love

It is a well known fact that I am in love with music. It’s only my entire life.

Having said that, I also don’t have favourite lyrics, a favourite song, or, in fact, a favourite genre of music. So, if you can bear with me, i will tell you about a few of my favourite lyrics.

1. “Every king knows it to be true that every kingdom must come to an end” – Ben Howard. I love Ben Howard. Like, a lot. His music is full of beautiful lyrics that actually mean something. But what doesn’t mean something, when sung as if someone knows about what they’re singing?

2. “And these blood red eyes, don’t see soo good, but what’s worse is if they could… Would I change my ways?” – The Black Keys. And this band man oh my they are beautiful. But this particular lyric, it’s one of my favourites by them. It’s so completey true. If we all could see clearer, without any biases, would we change our lives, and the way we live? It shouldn’t, but I know that for a large majority of the population, it would.

3. “And the path to heaven lies through miles of clouded hell” – Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons is an amazing band and if your oppinion is different I don’t care. This lyric is so, so true. You’ve got to go through so much complete and utter shit to get anywhere worth going. And oh my god this band made that into a song.

There are so, so many more. Honestly there are too many. But artists that I also love are also in too high a number. Find your own music that you love. It’s much better if you just go on Youtube, search your favourite song, and go through the links after the song is over. It’ll be worth it. Trust me.

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I’ve been home sick for the last two days, and I have come to the conclusion that Rogers On Demand is my best friend. In two days I have watched the equivelent of two and a half seasons of TV episodes. Under the Dome entertained me for eleven episodes, Elementary for 3, Hawaii 5-0 six episodes, one episode of Grey’s Anatomy, too many episodes of NCIS and Criminal Minds, and six episodes of Scandal.

God, that’s kind of pathetic, isn’t it? When my mom was sick she cleaned the entire house. What do I do? Possibly break the world record for most TV episodes watched in a 48 hour period. But no matter, it’s justified.

I will not speak about books. We’d be here for too long if I were to tell you about the murder commited by Veronica Roth by means of Allegiant.

Oh lawd that was emotionally trying.

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Homecoming 2

So I promised that I would tell you guys all about homecoming, and here we go.

I loved it. Picture two groups of girls and boys colliding together for an entire night, screaming every lyric to every song and dancing like idiots. The music was deliciously horrible, the decorations were tacky, and everyone was acting drunk. Exactly my scene.

I am not the type for quiet nights that are supposed to be loud and I made sure that it was loud. People change when you put them into these situations. The “cool kids” become losers and the “out casts” become invincable. I like to think of myself as a happy medium. I don’t really think I belong to one said group. I have friends in all of them. Even the high and dry newbies. That might come back to get me but right now I think it’s perfect.

I’ll probably be the loser kid that goes to every high school dance.

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